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Um, hi! Can you spray your germs somewhere else, please? [*warning* graphic snot pic ;-)]

As you know we’ve been busting our butts to get stuff done these days. Yesterday we had my chiropractor appointment, talked with our slumlords on the phone (and got out of our lease), then we went to the bank per their request to place stop payments on the 2 checks we sent them for rent […]

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Purring Cats on Pregnant Bellies… 24 week pregnancy thoughts

Well yesterday was the beginning of my 24th week of pregnancy. Other than the belly button pain and the occasional rib cage or back pain all is well. The bump is growing but I was surprised to see that I didn’t gain much weight over the month. I’ve got a prenatal appointment with the OBGYN […]

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Checketty, check, check those things off that list!

The last few days have been jam packed with adult obligations and what not. We’ve spent much time at our bank trying to figure out the mystery of our February rent payment. We’ve researched landlord/ tenants legalities and sent out another certified letter with our March rent payment. We cleaned house with our free, spiffy […]

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Slumloards, credit scores and a prenatal chiropractor [in a pear tree]…

Being all pregnancy slackerific the majority of the time means that when the energy does actually come in spurts we have a crapload of stuff to accomplish all at once. Thankfully as a team N and I have managed to continue getting everything dealt with that needs to be. It is days like today that […]

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20 week ultrasound appointment. We're having a…

[POPUP=IMG1]We got in for our appointment and got some nifty photos of our little one today. We even got a little CD with the photos in addition to the ultrasound printout. N was way excited about our appointment and he is super stoked at the news. Lets see, I weighed in at 119 today and […]

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Prenatal appointments, huge zits and freezing rain fill my brain.

This week I have not one but two prenatal appointments scheduled. I am now in my 15th week of pregnancy (yippie!) and will be meeting Pamela @ The Farm this weekend. We are also seeing the OBGYN on Thursday morning for our 3rd prenatal appointment. N is anticipating the prenatal appointments because he gets anxious […]

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Taking the next step towards birthing at The Farm

After talking right through the New Years Eve countdown N agreed that we would make the trip down to The Farm in TN and take the next step towards planning our birth there. The financial aspects of our situation really bother me and they are the only reason why we would choose not to birth […]

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Still trying to find somewhere near southern Indiana to deliver my baby…

This week we found out that CPM (certified professional midwives) are not covered via N’s employer plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield does cover midwives in other plans but for the specific plan elected by N’s employer they are not included… Bummer This reminds me of how we felt discovering that same sex domestic partnerships are […]

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Life in Evansville personal stories pictures say 1000 words pregnancy

Getting the holiday ducks in a row and not looking like a hobo anymore!

Last night the temperature got down to 8 degrees here in Evansville, right now it is about 20 degrees and I am inches from my space heater trying to keep warm. Can you believe there are only a few days left until Christmas? We managed to get lots of stuff taken care of this weekend […]

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Watch Freebirthing on Discovery Health next week!

The Discovery Health channel will be airing “Freebirthing” several more times next week if you are at all interested in alternative birthing practices. Freebirthing is basically unassisted childbirth, women who usually have low risk pregnancies learn about the birth process and carry it out on their own without doctors or midwives. They simply tune in […]

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