Blogging Tater's Arrival

36 Weeks and 6 days pregnancy TMI update

12:05:17 PM: Just lost some of my mucus plug, 1 cm dilated as of yesterday.
12:14:27 PM: Sitting down for pancakes and bacon with N now.

1:07:57 PM: It is so exciting to know that progress is being made as far as having the baby goes.

1:09:08 PM: N and I were talking about how Tater seems to be on board for an early arrival, about right when we get to The Farm I bet.

1:10:05 PM: Having her when both N and I are at The Farm would be ideal. No stress of him trying to get to the birth in time, you know?

1:14:46 PM: LOL, Heidi just said: “Wow! You should take a picture of it and post it on the Internet! TMI for the Internet!!!”

1:15:05 PM: Glad I am not the only one who thinks that way Heidi!

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  1. It does sound like you might be headed for a bit of an early delivery. I have no concept of that or of what a mucous plug (and… um, I don’t want a visual either!) because my labors just didn’t work that way.

    I hope this means you’re going to have an easy labor and delivery.

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