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Getting back to teaching, once Tater is born.

Life never ceases to amaze me! I am marveling at how easily some things just fall in to place in life and I am super excited that another door has opened for me.

Remember how I was working with a few different colorguard/ winterguard units back in Flagstaff, AZ that we had to leave behind when we moved all the way to Indiana? Well I always knew something else would come along for me at the right time. We just weren’t really sure when that right time would be.

I had a few local contacts in Indiana and some possibilities to consider before making the big move but ultimately decided to wait on making any commitments until we were in our new city and settled. Offers came and went, possibilities were still out there but after becoming pregnant I just stopped pushing so hard to find a new school to work with.

Gotta take life as it comes and prioritize things right? We tried so hard and waited so long to get pregnant. Holding off on getting another teaching gig wasn’t a big deal to me now that I was expecting. Besides I can’t imagine having to choreograph and teach while pregnant. Talk about exhausting!

So, I’ve rested and Tater has grown. Very soon we’ll be new parents and we can’t wait. We aren’t sure how we’ll adjust or how difficult it will be but we are ready to make the best of it. We welcome the life change with open arms!

Just this last month I’ve been starting to miss teaching and being active though. I thought I should put the feelers out there again since one school year is coming to an end and another is just about to start. Sure I am pregnant and ready to pop but what is the harm in putting the feelers out?

Well I got 2 bites and just committed to a group for the 2009-2010 school year. It all worked out perfectly and sort of seems like it was always meant to be. I am very excited and super pleased.

Obviously I have caring for Tater as my first priority but I am also going to squeeze in a few 3 hour rehersals per week with my new group for the sake of my own sanity and happiness. Yay, I’ll be teaching and being active again.

And with my extra income I’ll build up my cloth diaper stash for Tater. Love it!

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  1. That is wonderful news…so many exciting things are happening these next few weeks/months! You loved teaching, so I am glad you found something without too much effort! It is all falling into place!

    So excited to meet the little one…so close!

  2. I’m so happy that you found a new group to work with! You always seemed to have such great pride for the groups you’ve worked with in the past. It will be great to get back into doing something you loved….plus its always a bonus to get paid for it 🙂

    Beckys last blog post..Whiny Much?

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