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Can salmon and halibut crossbreed?

Seriously, can they? I had a piece of fish the other night that was sold to me as salmon but I would have bet money that something fishy (I know cheesy huh, thanks N your cheeky humor is rubbing off on me) was up with it, it was like a salmon and halibut fillet.

For starters this fish fillet wasn’t super pink like a salmon fillet is normally, it was more white than pink. Then there was the texture of it, way to fluffy and light for salmon! It sort of tasted like salmon but not really.

Now I am positive a salmon freakishly mated with a halibut and the result was the mutant fish fillets we consumed. So I did what any blogger would do, I opened a new tab and referred to google. Here is what I found:

Another Irish study is now investigating the impact of farmed salmon escapees on wild salmon. “Ulster scientists are finalising a key research project on the threat posed to wild salmon by escaped farmed salmon,” reported The Belfast Telegraph (5th December). “Details of the north Antrim study emerged after the Government admitted a link between fish farm break-outs and significant genetic changes in wild salmon. Angling and environmental organisations have long feared that inter-breeding between the two types of salmon will eventually lead to the extinction of the natural population. The north Antrim project, based on the River Bush, ties in with research work in other parts of the British Isles and Scandinavia”. In a reply to a parliamentary question NIO Minister Angela Smith told MPs: “The surveys showed that the genetic status of the wild population was significantly changed, indicating that cross breeding with farmed salmon had taken place. Further scientific studies have commenced on the River Bush catchment on the potential consequences of genetic change in the wild population caused by interbreeding with farmed salmon in terms of long-term productivity”. UUP MP David Burnside said: “We are going to lose the wild salmon and they will never come back. We have the most polluted rivers in my experience. On top of this, we have the escapes of farmed salmon which are bred to put cheap food on supermarket shelves”. Quote source: http://www.salmonfarmmonitor.org/intlnewsjanuary2004.shtml

I still think I ate a mutant crossbreed fish! Oh and the above quote just gives me more reason to only eat wild (not farm raised salmon). Dang those farmers who raised food and also choose to genetically modify it!

Speaking of crossbreeding, remember my new bunny named Boner? Well the name was given for a reason, he is one horny fellow! He is trying to crossbreed with my kitten Gabby right now. They are both unfixed at this time and while he was chasing her around the house and trying to mount her I thought “oh crap they are both unfixed, they can’t crossbreed can they?”.

So now I am on hump patrol and am making sure he is not humping her backside. Not that she is confused enough to let him but I would rather be safe than sorry, you know? Good freaking times at the Talina & N zoo!

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0 thoughts on “Can salmon and halibut crossbreed?

  1. Boner has quite a bit of energy, doesn’t he? I don’t think I’ve ever had salmon that wasn’t pink. Good thing no one got food poisoning from some new freaky fish breed!

    Oh, I got your tweet earlier. I honestly couldn’t find anything at Target that appealed to me. This was a first. I NEVER have problems spending money there….this is why I think it might be because of my cold. Its somehow altered my thinking process:)

    Beckys last blog post..A Day to Remember

  2. Oh, yeah, farm raised fish changes… So sad.

    Salmon has a pretty specific look and taste, so it’s kind of creepy that yours didn’t. Heh. 🙂

    About the bunny and kitty… Oh boy! LOL. Question… Do you let the bunny roam around the house like the cats? I was contemplating the adoption of a bunny, but wasn’t sure how it would go.

  3. Cori,
    We do leave the bunny to roam the house but we do have to supervise and limit the rooms bunny goes in because they are natural chewers and diggers. They can find anything to chew up, specifically power cords and clothes. Also they can chew baseboards and carpet. It is their instinct to chew so if you let it roam it is fine (we do once a day it while we are watching them) but they should have a cage that houses them I think. Ooo they only prefer to potty in one spot in their cage and if given litter and a litter pan they will basically train themselves to only go when in the litter pan, cool huh?

  4. That is really creepy (and gross) about the salmon.. I agree..all the salmon I have ate has been pink and had a consistant texture, (although I did see on a package once that they had added food coloring for “pinker” salmon–freaky.. (and no, I didn’t buy it..b/c fish with food dye just seemed wrong). Oh.. funny about your hormonally charged bunny.

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