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Clever Holiday Gifts I found- November 2007

I have gotten the majority of my big holiday shopping out of the way prior to thanksgiving this year. Yay for me! I try to do this every year and am not always successful, this year I pulled it off though!

Oh, by the way of you still need to do holiday shopping consider doing it from the comfort of your own home! I did all my shopping online and will only be visiting a store or two between now and Christmas. You can even start your “black friday” shopping from home now! Visit your favorite stores on 12am on black friday and get the deals without having to wait in line outside those stores in the wee hours of the morning- unless you really love the chaos of black friday shopping… I didn’t think so! 😉

Okay, back to the topic of the post! So, while I was perusing catalogs looking for more gift ideas I came across some stuff that amused me. I am not sure if your gift recipients would appreciate these gifts as much as I would but I thought it would be interesting to share them with you!

The first one appeals to my cow obsession. I have a cow themed kitchen and I just basically collect and love everything cow.

Anyway, it’s available over at Wireless for $26.95, the cow one is my favorite and it’s just an awesome idea if you ask me! Do you get it? Cow Pie!! He he.. If you want to get it for me you can by following this link.

The next thing I found was in the Signals catalog. It’s perfectly inspirational and totally something that would be special and meaningful to me. It’s a sterling silver perseverance cuff bracelet that is hand -etched. It’s absolutely adorable! Available for $79.95 and it’s the perfect inspirational reminder for any woman (in my opinion). You can get this product by clicking here!

A few years back I found a hilarious gift… It was a dvd rewinder! Yes, someone actually manufactured the product and oh what a great gag gift it was! Are you wanting any unique gifts this year or have you found a funny gift you want to share? Tell us about it!

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