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Rude people suck!! Black Friday Experiences Shared

I went out today to so some shopping, specifically because I needed to get a chainsaw for my boyfriend. No, I am not killing him.. It was one of the gifts he wanted so he could chop wood and all that good stuff. I was paying with gift cards I earned from gather. Anyway the gift cards were not redeemable online so I had to go brave the crowds today.

I do not enjoy the crowds and chaos of “black Friday” and I do my best to avoid it at all costs. Last night we had thanksgiving dinner at 11pm because that is when my boyfriend was off work. Eating so late was perfect because it kept us awake and ready for the black Friday deals online that posted at midnight! I wrote a sponsored post about a company that complied all the black Friday deals for many stores, the site is really helpful ( and I actually used it last night to buy some great gifts at killer prices!

Okay, so back to the black Friday experience… Today I was honked at while driving the over crowded streets, I was in a good mood and was trying to be courteous and spread holiday cheer. I was letting people who were waiting forever to turn left go ahead of me and I was taking care not to block driveways etc.. Some lady hauled off and blared her horn at me, The light was red so we couldn’t go anywhere but I guess she was annoyed with my good cheer or something… Where is the Christmas spirit in that? So when the light turned green I pulled forward and break checked her- my evil side surfaced for a moment…

We headed over to home depot first to get that the sale priced chainsaw with my gift cards. We looked everywhere for it and did not see it so we asked a sales associate about it. Some older man overheard me asking a sales associate about the special and he said “you better beat me there cause I want it”. Then he actually broke in to a sprint towards the chainsaw so he could get to it before I did… I was stunned but brushed it off, I figured I would go to the other home depot in town to get it instead. The customer service rep standing behind the desk witnessed what had happened and offered to call the other store to see it they had any left. She was very helpful and polite. I did end up getting the chainsaw at the other store without having to stoop to the undignified level of many of the other crazies out shopping.

I am just appalled but the way people carry on in while trying to score the great deals. That’s not what the holiday spirit is about… Giving the most expensive gifts does not make you a better person and people actually wont love you more for them. They are just materials guys and if you are trampling others and carrying on like that it defeats the whole point of the season!

I made it a point to have most of my shopping done before black Friday because it’s just easier and less frustrating these days! It’s sad but I can honestly say I have had my fill of being around people today- Some people are just so nasty ans self involved!

Dare I ask how your black Friday experience went?

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0 thoughts on “Rude people suck!! Black Friday Experiences Shared

  1. The guy running towards the chainsaw was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen. I did find the Black Friday deal I was waiting for at Best Buy yesterday. But someone had gone to the trouble of burying it beneath a pile of other merchandise…like a squirrel packing away his nuts for the winter. That cracked me up too!

    Nathan’s last blog post..The Enjoyment of Homebrew

  2. I actually went out at 12:45am to my local Best Buy to see how bad the lines were and people were already outside in tents and tons of people were tailgating. All I wanted was a GPS receiver for my wife but knowing I was already defeated I went home and cried myself to sleep. (#):)

    After that I went back to the store at 9am, and to my surprise there were no lines, plus I even managed to get some of those door buster deals that I had been after.

    But I KNOW how you feel with the Black Friday madness. People can be really unthoughtful and rough on that day. When I hear stories like this, I get really glad the BF line WASN’T short (that way I wasn’t caught up in the craziness!)

    Bush Mackel’s last blog post..Real Rank – Don?t Be Hatin?

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