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Critters are everywhere! What is that in our wall?

You know we always have crazy eventful times with animals around here right? I mean all of our pets come to us by some sort of fate. They dart in our front door or are starving in a hole by the sidewalk when we walk by. We are suckers, we just can’t walk by and leave them be dealt with by someone else. We feel all guilty and bad…

Anyway, I’ve been tweeting about the supposed critters living in our attic lately. You see we’ve been hearing all sorts of ruckus and we suspect some birds have found a way in there. While the noise is noticeable we’re not worried about animals being able to get in to the attic.

As long as it is a “crappy home” issue we aren’t worried about dealing with it. As far as we are concerned it is the landlords responsibility to fix holes in the attic to keep the wildlife out and if they don’t care about possible damage we don’t care either. It’s not our house! (We’re still waiting for word back about the pre approval too).

Unfortunately, on Saturday morning when N awoke to make the coffee he found our cats curiously sitting on the kitchen counter staring at the kitchen wall. He thought nothing of it and shooed the cats off the counter since counters and table tops are off limits to them.

While he is waiting for the coffee to brew he hears this scrambling and scraping coming from inside the wall, the cats hear it also and jump back up on the counter to see what the noise is all about. Apparently whatever was scurrying around in the attic of Friday has now found it’s way down in to the kitchen wall and was stuck there.

Luckily N is a handyman type of guy who will dive right in and figure it all out if need be… But before I got up I guess N and the cats sat there listening for the critter for a while before dismissing it and going about their daily business. Once I was awake and alerted to the situation I was very sad for the little thing stuck in the wall.

I don’t know about you but listening to a critter scramble and eventually starve to death over the course of several days is NOT my idea of a good time regardless of whether or not the critter is a pet. When N realized how big of a deal the trapped thing was for me he set out to do some investigations and problem solving.

Here is what he found scoping out the attic:

Here is how the rest of the critter situation played out:

And last but not least, here is the happy ending:

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    1. I am also super pleased we saved it. All I could think about when hearing it struggle behind the wall was those ASPCA shows on animal planet where kittens and dogs get stuck in the walls. What an awful place to be stuck and starving to death is just heart breaking, besides we could care less about this house. I was more than happy to go digging in the wall to save a critter, especially if it meant a happy ending and a fun Vlog!

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