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Hikes in Flagstaff, AZ

talina-and-nick-walnut-canyon-2007.jpgMy younger brother is staying with me for the week and we made an effort to check out a few sights and hikes in the area for entertainment.

This first photo is of us at Walnut canyon is filled with Indian ruins that line the cliffs of walnut canyon. We hiked a 185 feet climb in 204 steps. It was a great hike going down because gravity worked in our favor.. We practically ran down the 204 stairs because it was easier. After the 204 stairs we walked the path that takes you all the way around the “island” in the middle of walnut canyon. We got to actually go into the rooms of the ruins. The weather was perfect for the hike. We got to walnut canyon (just east of flagstaff) right after a nice rain storm so it was over cast and cool outside. Going back up the 204 steps was a bit harder but we did it. Basically you need to drink water and pace yourself going back up the canyon. Because of the higher altitude it is harder to breath so don’t feel bad if you a toast after the first few sets of stairs. We finished the hike in about 45 min. It was nice!

nathan-talina-and-nick-sunset-crater-vocano-2007.jpgEarlier that morning we drove out to the sunset crater volcano. It is supposedly the youngest volcano in our area. This hike lets you walk the lava flow path. Along the way you learn about the types of volcanoes in the area and the history behind them. This hike was fairly easy but it was also very interesting. The thing that sticks out in my mind was the temperature change from the moment you stepped onto the cinders. You could feel the heat coming off the cinders from the days sun. Also the dramatic landscape change is amazing!

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