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Hola maintenance!!! Apartment living blows.

So, the new apartment (apartment #2 in flagstaff @ Timberline Village) is slowly getting unpacked and things are becoming more and more normal by the day. We are keeping the cats locked in our bedroom at night then we let them out to roam the house when were around to supervise them. One of my students had a really good idea on how to keep them out of the window. She said “you know the rolly things that you put your computer chair on? The downside is all pokey so if you get one of those and cut a piece just big enough for the window ledge it should work.” I think we will try that idea, it will probably work great!! Morgan you should get patent on that idea!!

So I woke up this morning to someone yelling “MAINTENANCE” and then throwing my front door open. I was so startled I just laid in bed for a bit trying to figure out what was going on. Then I hear a key ring jingling. I can hear Nathan in the shower getting ready for work and some strange person is walking in our living room. I get up and go in to the bathroom. Sure enough Nathan is showering so I tell him someone is in our house, I grab a bathrobe and go out in to the living room. Nobody is there but there is a note with our mailbox key sitting on a stack of boxes. I open the front door and nobody is outside either but the note left states the maintenance man entered our apartment @ 8am to drop off our new mail box key.

What the f??? Why would they just come in to our apartment without telling us they were coming and why would they enter without our consent?? Well Nathan called the office to bring this to their attention. The were very confused about why the maintenance man would just barge in and said they would address the issue. What a great way to wake up huh??

Well that is about the most exciting thing that happened today. I have had some screaming guests, some really drunk ones, some really slutty ones and some really dumb ones. Nothing too strange or different from every other day… How is everyone doing??

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