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Rootbeer explosion!!!!

Okay so here is a funny AND very true story:

So N brews his own beer. He decided to try out a batch of root beer for us to try. So it has yeast in it, it sits and ferments creating the carbonation. It was brewed in a one gallon glass bottle/ jar thingy. You know the kind you can buy gallons of beer in at a microbrewery…

He followed all the steps and we tried our first glass. It has a real yeasty taste to it, tasted more like beer than root beer. We didn’t like it very much. Anyway he took it out of the fridge because we didn’t like it and hadn’t planned on drinking anymore of it. It was sitting on the counter, we hadn’t gotten around to dumping it out.

So I was just waking up this morning and was checking my email. I am just sitting at my computer (what happens to be in the dining room in our tiny little 1 bedroom apartment) and there is this huge explosion!! I naturally crouch down and get all scared by the sound. I was hit in the neck by something during the explosion so I immediately reach for my neck to make sure I am not bleeding or cut.

I thought someone had been shooting or throwing things through our living room window. I was so scared to look around but I needed to know what the hell just exploded! I glance at the window and nothing had come through it. Then I hear this dripping and look towards the kitchen…

The one gallon jar of root beer had just completely exploded! Glass shards flew everywhere! I had a welt on my neck from the glass that pelted me in the neck, luckily the glass did not cut me. The explosion broke the kitchen light cover and root beer was dripping from everywhere!! We found glass all the way near the front door, in the bedroom, all over the living room and in the office… Glass flew everywhere.

So yeah it was fun times for me, NOPE. Oh, did I mention we are moving from the small 1 bedroom apartment this week and now in addition to packing and movine we have messy root beer explosion to deal with.

The lesson to be learned: brewing soda in glass is not a good idea. Make boyfriend brew in a room separate from the rest of the house to avoid explosions and floods!

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