Home birthing supply kit and Tater preparations.

I still can’t believe I am a pregnant lady! Spending my days at home doesn’t provide much opportunity for getting dressed up in much more than PJ’s or workout clothes. Naturally I have not been able to see just how pregnant I truly am since I am not getting dressed up and going many places these days.

Today was another story though. I had my 2nd followup chiropractor appointment to attend so I was up, dressed and even put on some light makeup today. I looked like my usual self except for the baby bump (that I am still not used to seeing).

I’ve been on the lookout for the inevitable stretch-marks and have been applying lotions and creams often. Then my mom informs me that they don’t actually appear until after you deliver… Dang! I though I was in the clear since I haven’t spotted any yet. My mom also referred to her breastfeeding is like orgasms thing again too. *sigh* Thanks Mom!

All went well at the chiropractor, looks like my pelvis has stayed in place since the first adjustment on Saturday which is good. I’ll check back again in two weeks just to make sure everything is still in place and feeling good. Thank goodness for chiropractors! My pelvis is happy despite the expanding and loosening of pregnancy, yay!

We’ve resolved to commit to getting the hell out of our current rental ASAP and I am packing up stuff in preparation…

As you can see from the photo I’ve also been working to get my birth kit together with all the necessary supplies and goodies for Tater’s Birth, Pamela (our midwife) gave us a supplies list that we are working on. I don’t have much yet but the birth kit is growing, slowly but surely…

For starters, we were given 2 packs of newborn disposable diapers (for the sticky meconium poop following birth), we’ve also got 3 stacks of free prefold cloth diapers that were given to us but we still need diaper pins and those rubber diaper covers that keep the leaking contained.

We may use the prefolds as burp cloths or  as we would prefer the newer cloth “bumGeneous” one size diapers over the old prefolds but we’ll make due with what we have either way.

We finally found a few containers of regular KY Jelly that we were advised to get for the labor. It seems these days stores only want to sell the “his and hers” or the warming KY Jelly which would just be weird during labor. Finding the regular stuff was pretty hard!

We also got 1 pacifier and 1 bottle through a freebie coupon that our doctors office sent us and I’ve added a smelly candle and a hot/ cold wrap to the birth kit for easing my own possible discomfort. I’ll be bringing my exercise ball for birthing and we’ll also be bringing tons of bedding and towels for absorbing the birthing mess.

We still need tons of simple stuff for the birth that we put on the wishlist like:

Then there is the other odds and ends we are required to get like cotton balls, alcohol, witch-hazel, 4 x 4 gauze pads, heating pad or hot water bottle, betadine scrub, 30” x 40” underpads, a perry or squirt bottle, a large bowl with lid for my placenta, Arnica 30x and all that other good home birth stuff.

Oh and I need a shaved ice maker now that I am loving juice slushies. A juice slushy makes the perfect refreshing, energy packed beverage while in labor, LOL! Some of it is going to be easier to find than others so it is good that we start looking for it all now.

By the way, thanks to everyone for all your emails and helpful tidbits of info! I’ve been given so much helpful advice and so much email support that N and I are pouring though. We’ve been taking notes, adding to our lists and taking it all in. We’re feeling ready for all this thanks to you guys. Now we just need to get out of this crappy house and in to a cleaner, bigger one before Tater comes huh? Maybe if you all harass our landlord… LOL

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  1. I love the baby bump, it’s soooo cute 🙂 I didn’t have a good experience with the cloth diapers. Even with the plastic covers, I was doing laundry all the time and it was leaking through. I finally resorted to Huggies… I absoultly love how they hold. Be careful on not buying too much Newborn stuff, because if tater is big, she won’t fit into the clothes. I would suggest getting like 0-3 months to be on the safe side. I need to see a Chiropractor. Think it might help with my pain and tension. Hell yeah I will harass your shady-ass landloards if you need me too, lol.
    I would see if you can find a carseat/stroller that comes as a package, it would save alot of money. And it’s great to put the carseat on top of the stroller and go places.

  2. You really look great.
    As for stretchmarks, keeping your skin moisturized helps it feel better as it stretches but don’t buy those creams that promise you won’t get stretchmarks. You either have elastic skin or you don’t.
    My mother had a mapful of stretchmarks and after four babies, I don’t have a single one. Obviously, I got my elastic skin from my dad or something.
    I felt much better taking baths with silky stuff in it as my belly stretched out, it just made that scratchy skin feel a bit less, uh, scratchy!

    Sunshines last blog post..I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore, Slumdog

  3. don’t get diaper pins, they are so scary. The diapers are thick and you’re trying to get the pin through without disemboweling the baby and you just give up. That’s exactly why I gave up on cloth with Max. Get Snappi closures, trust me. They saved cloth diapers for me. They’re little stretchy rubber things that grab the prefolds and hold them closed.

    As far as carriers, be aware they are NOT designed for small people. I’ve tried every kind imaginable, even the super expensive ones. They do not work on us skinny minnies. Make sure you try before you buy, with a sack of potatoes along for the baby weight.

    And for wipes, you can do cloth too, you don’t even have to sew. Just tear up some flannel, and keep a wipe container with a mix of water, baby oil, and baby wash handy to dip the cloth into when you wipe. The disposable wipes can get really expensive and are such a waste, especially if you’re using cloth diapers anyway.

  4. i don’t think i’d ever get out of my pj’s if i was home all the time. i like dressing up but it’s so uncomfortable. my jeans are starting to bug me too. i wish i could just go through life in soft, long-sleeved t-shirts and, what i call, loungy pants.

    are you guys registered anywhere for the baby? did n tell you my latest bad baby name? graden. i got it out of the birth records in the sunday paper.

  5. My gosh, I just read that and believe I have found someone who is at such a similar stage to me its nearly frightening!

    I too have made a pile for the birth of things I think we will need (for hospital) and I just bought stretch mark cream, and have been to have my pelvis re-aligned as it has moved forward and up on the left side, painful. I too am also happy when I do have an excuse to dress up and go out of the house, mostly just in my trackpants at home. I bought an exercise ball as they had some at the hospital, I layed on one and fell in love! So comfy! Could you please forward on that list if possible? I wish there were lists for everything…

    Tanyas last blog post..My Baby Shower and Baby Mural

  6. Such a cute little bump!

    I have two of the Bum Genius (I started late on the cloth diapers and never really got off the ground) and I LOVE them. I also had a few prefolds I was using in the gDiaper covers, but that never worked out. When we have another I’m going to go with the Bum Genius diapers from the beginning.

    Good luck on the home hunting! I hope you find something better for you and the new babe.

    Leshas last blog post..How being a mom changed me

  7. By the way, you did look really nice yesterday. I don’t think I told you when we went out so it’s a little belated. I could tell you were enjoying getting yourself dressed for the appointment. I see the bump growing and changing every day and it’s pretty darn amazing from my perspective!

    Ns last blog post..Recycling Mardis Gras Beads

  8. You have such an adorable baby bump! It sounds like you’ve got a good start on the baby kit. I don’t know if you’re into music or a different type of distraction, but it’s always seemed helpful to have some low instrumental music available (if and when the mood strikes) and to have something that you enjoy doing that keeps your mind busy (crosswords, sudoku, a favorite magazine or piece of literature). When my girlfriend gave birth and I was acting as a labor partner, we did a couple games of scrabble and a crossword puzzle (she whooped the pants off of me in both games, even though she was going through contractions). You may find that you don’t want or need anything, but it might be good to have them tucked away, just in case.

    MIchelles last blog post..Don’t trod on my toes.

  9. You look adorable! I don’t know why your pets are being such a pain unless they know something is “up” with the pregnancy. LOL. I sometimes try to give my cats milk as a treat and they’ll have nothing to do with it. But they all are different.

    teenis last blog post..Wassup!

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