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I am back! Almost back to normal that is…

It’s only taken me 25 days but I believe I am almost back to my normal self again. Dang, those postpartum hormones are killer! Add them to the 4th degree tear and to the normal new parent postpartum stress and healing and you’ve got yourself one bloody, stitched up, stress filled emotional mess of a person.

It was a rough three weeks getting used to our new roles, especially for me and my crazy after birth hormones. I am feeling good now (hormonally speaking), the postpartum bleeding has just about stopped and my stitches (from what I can see) are practically healed up.

As you can see from the photo, I am getting good at holding Everly in one hand while doing the internet thing with the other. I am still struggling with the self care while caring for a newborn thing though…

You see I’ve lost about 40lbs in 25 days which brings me very close to having my pre-pregnancy body back. I am attributing that to genetics and the fact that I am breastfeeding. I wont be comfortable loosing much more weight though.

Also, I am having a very hard time finding time and freeing both my hands so I can prepare food to eat. That probably has something to do with my quick weight loss too. We are working on that, it’s just hard to walk away from Everly while she’s fussing.

Yep, she’s still fussing here and there. She’s a great sleeper and a very good baby when she’s not uncomfortable. The problem is she’s still got an immature digestive system (like all newborns) and she doesn’t like pooping or passing gas for whatever reasion.

She’ll fuss and struggle and wont sleep when her tummy hurts, she startles in apparent pain whenever she starts to doze off. I’ve tried eliminating common allergens from my diet (which leaves me starving), we’ve tried digestive enzymes, gas drops, exercises, tummy time, burping and massage. Nothing helps her poop and pass gas without the fussing and struggling. She’s fussing a ton today actually.

The nighttime nursing and exhaustion aren’t even bothering me all that much, it is the fussing that is the worst. Other than the fussing things are going really well.

She’s smiling more and playing mimicking games with us these days. Her red hair is getting pretty long in some areas and she’s getting so big! Almost 11lbs it seems according to our bathroom scale.

In just a few weeks we’ll be heading back to The Farm for Everly’s 6 week checkup and we’ll have an exact weight for her then. I am pretty excited to go back. Pamela, our midwife, is so calming and supportive so we can’t wait to visit with her. We’ll probably stay there a day or two if N can get the time off work. The quiet time together will be a nice bonus too.

In other news we got Gabby, our newest kitty, fixed today (finally) and am so darn glad! Now Boner just needs to be fixed and we’ll have all the pets spayed or neutered. It’s good too, we don’t need anymore madness going on around here. Everly’s fussing is enough.

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  1. Ok I had to comment. That pic of Everly reminds me of N. And its weird for me that she is already 11 pounds, as Jaydon’s 4 month doctor’s appointment was today and he weighed in at 12 pounds. But then again Jaydon has doubled his weight from birth and that is primarily what the doctor looks for. Also if you’re feeling a bit anemic after breastfeeding try taking 500 ml of iron along with your prenatals. I who didn’t eat as often as I should have due to the very same reasons you aren’t (not enough hands) was instructed to add some extra iron not only for me, but for baby too. You guys are adorable!

    P.S. You have a cat named pussy and one named boner? Hmmmm. Who named them N?
    .-= Heather Jones´s last blog ..Teething, Tantrums, Shots and more…. =-.

  2. Please tell me N didnt bring that puppy home from work today? The whole time he was tweeting, I was thinking “Oh my god, he is so going to take it home with him.”! lol

    Im sorry she is fussing. As I said on the phone tody, its ok to let her cry. Just walk away, she will wear herself out and fall asleep.

    I love you sweetie!
    .-= Krystal McCarthy´s last blog ..Brain Dump =-.

  3. we use the wii fit to weigh Aubrie. It gives you lbs and oz. just weigh yourself then do it again holding Everly. its pretty accurate as well.

  4. Get thee a sling or a Moby wrap! They are lifesavers! Check out thebabywearer dot com if you haven’t been there before. Tons of great info and a FSOT.

  5. She sounds so much like Emily its not funny! I think that everytime I read your posts! Emily fusses some days but others she is really content. I think breastfeeding is fantastic to help with losing the baby weight and returning everything to normal. I put on 17kg and was massive and now I’m nearly back to the same size, with just a bit of loose skin and a few stretchmarks.

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