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It's a stormy weekend day, perfect lazy weather!

Today is a lazy day! I am crampy, achy and beat again and it is snowing so I started the laundry, folded a dry load and now am sitting in my bed writing this post. I can see the snow falling from where I sit and it’s so warm and toasty here.

My students did well yesterday. They got 7th place (out of 11) which is great considering they are all newbies except for one! They have much work to do (as do I) to get the show looking better for the next competition in 2 weeks. They did a great job though, we have 5 more weeks to work on and perfect the show be fore championships.

Tomorrow marks the start of spring break for our schools so I will have a low key first part of the week and I will try doing something interesting for my birthday towards the end of the week. I still have no plans or ideas about what I might like to do, is that bad?

Oh, I did get some new information today about my body temperature chart and my period. I joined this group called NFP-FAM over on yahoo groups and fellow members have give me their opinions about my own chart. Basically I was told that my thermal shift (when my temperature jumped about 7 10ths of a degree) indicated that I had ovulated, I am still getting the hang of all this. So, it looks like my period should be on the way in about 1-2 weeks.

I am learning so much about natural family planning right now and think it is so cool to be able to chart your signs of fertility and find out so much about your body. I bought the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility  to learn more about NFP and am very pleased with all the info it has provided me.

I was surprised to learn that many women become pregnant and miscarry all without knowing it because it looks just like a period and these women never even suspected pregnancy in the first place. Charting your body temperature and other fertility signs is a great way to “keep tabs” on what is going on with your body and it is a natural way to become pregnant or to prevent becoming pregnant and it is free!

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