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Moving tips?

A few days of nothing have been nice but now I need to get my butt in gear and start getting ready to move.

We get the keys to our new place on 2/25 and need to be out of this place my 2/29.. It’s nice to have a few days to make the transition although I wont be able to spend my time blogging on those days cause I’ll be making trips back and fourth in the car trying to move loads of boxes.. Oh, well a bigger place is good so it’s worth it right?

Oh, I almost didn’t mention that my man got offered a promotion. I can’t list the specifics because it’s not official yet and I don’t want to blow his cover but basically got offered better/ more air time position that ideally should pay more and further his career more… We are excited about the possibilities but like I said it’s not official yet so we aren’t counting our chickens before they hatch.

Okay, so back to the point of my post.. We are moving again. I have become the little moving experts since I have moved every year for the past 8 years or so..

I am very anal about having all the moving/ utility documents with me (and not packed away) during a move. We have the best luck with utility companies, NOPE! It seems everywhere we move to has something that was not turned on or transfered as we requested. either the phone line doesn’t work or the electricity is not on or the satellite dish doesn’t get installed till 2 weeks after we are in the place… It’s always something so having that documentation on hand really makes getting it solved easier.

I am looking for little tid-bits of advice still though, do you have any?

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4 thoughts on “Moving tips?

  1. Congratulations on your hubby’s promotion. That is wonderful. As far as moving tips, all I know is to use your dishcloths to cushion some of your dishes when packing them. That way the dishes are less likely to break and hey, you have to pack those dishcloths somehow anyway! LOL.

    teeni’s last blog post..Kicking it Up and the Dropkick Murphys!

  2. I always go the recycling plant and get the end rolls of newsprint to wrap dishes, pictures, etc with. It also makes for handy giftwrap that you can snazz up with markers, drawings, etc.
    Kitchen is packed last, books are packed first. Get rid of the stuff you won’t need on Freecycle BEFORE you move. Your back will thank you, and Freecyclers pick up your stuff.

    witchypoo’s last blog post..How they found me

  3. Congrats on your hubby’s new *almost* promotion. As far as moving tips- I have none! I hate moving… but I’m with witchypoo- pack the kitchen last. Oh! I do have one thing- the first of night of every move, I always order pizza and watch a DVD because, like you, the cable is never hooked up!

  4. Good tips guys! I would have never thought about the dish towels… or ordering pizza and watching a movie.. I am so pig headed and am known to have a fit when things don’t go as planned (like the satellite not being hooked up)..

    Thanks for the congrats on Nathan’s “almost” promotions guys!

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