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One of the benifits of a pregnant budda belly… Sort of a Wordless Wednesday post.

* TMI ALERT* Run now if girly bodily discussions bug you.

Today I’ve discovered a benefit to having a round pregnant belly that sits just below your boobs. It makes wearing strapless bras a breeze!

I mean seriously, before pregnancy when I would wear a strapless bra I would be wrestling with the girls and constantly pulling the bra back up. Didn’t matter if I was wearing a cheapo Hanes bra or an expensive Victoria’s Secret beauty… My strapless bras would never stay put under my boobs. Major pain in the ass folks!

When ever a strapless bra was needed this mean boob wrangling was in order the entire day. Reach in, pull the bra back up under your boobs. Reposition the girls so they look perky and so on…

Well today while testing out a new, summer maternity top I grabbed a strapless bra from the drawer. Sure it was one I wore before my boobs grew 1 cup size so the girls were oozing out all over the top of the bra but it was doable for a short jaunt out to the chiropractor and such. I mean nipples were covered so that was the main thing right?

So I strapped the girls in to the bra and got all dressed. Hours later, we are talking 6 hours to be exact, I’ve realized that the bra has not shifted and I’ve not had to reposition the girls once!

Now clearly my bra has stayed in place only because I am carrying Tater so darn high. I mean the girls are always sitting right on the top of my belly so how could a strapless bra possibly move beyond the canyon created by my boobs and belly? See said canyon below:

Oh and the chiropractor was all chatting us up about the pregnancy and the boob growth today. Do you think it is because I’ve got porn star boobs these days? Now that I’ve snapped a photo of myself I am like, wow. Those look a bit full and pushed up now don’t they? Great, N let me go out looking like a cheap pregnant hooker. Nice!

And if you haven’t had enough TMI for today you might consider reading this post from His Boys Can Swim that was posted yesterday, I did. Remember how I was pondering grooming the lady parts when you can no longer see them past your pregnant belly? Yep, you can read about his funny experience the post! It truly is a milestone for pregnant ladies that nobody really talks about.

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8 thoughts on “One of the benifits of a pregnant budda belly… Sort of a Wordless Wednesday post.

  1. witchypoo »

    Looking back on them makes me kind of embarrassed I left the house looking like that. They didn’t look like that from my perspective.

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