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Pregnancy + Food= WTF!!

Pregnancy + Food usually brings to mind thoughts of insane cravings at all hours of the day and ungodly amounts of eating. Banana and pickle sandwiches or cheese cake with sardines, right?

Well not if you are in my shoes!

I am in a major food rut these days. The only foods I am craving are the ones I can’t have and it is sure pissing me off!

This morning I wanted some damn runny eggs and toast for breakfast but nooooo! Wouldn’t want to get salmonella from undercooked eggs, that is not good for Tater Tot huh?

Also, a Subway turkey and ham sub is an amazing lunch time treat but pregnant women can’t have processed lunch meat either so now I am screwed.

We always want what we can’t have huh? I have a box of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer, spinach, tuna, fruits and all sorts of other perfectly good food items that don’t sound appealing to me at all.

And where are my damn cravings? Aren’t pregnant ladies supposed to crave stuff and have no problem wanting to eat? I guess along with lacking morning sickness I am also lacking the pregnancy food cravings, great!

I’ll just force myself to swallow some unappealing foods then and will plan to NOT enjoy any of the food I have to eat for the remaining 5 months of this pregnancy. Ugh!

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0 thoughts on “Pregnancy + Food= WTF!!

  1. You can eat your Subway sandwich. The point about processed meats is the nitrites, and as long as you only eat it once in awhile, you will be ok. That’s the great thing about moderation. You’re not suppose to eat tuna and certain shellfish more than once a week, due to mercury levels, and that’s all I wanted. Allow yourself some slack, and you will enjoy it:)

    Beckys last blog post..Northern Neighbor

  2. Yeah, subway once in awhile is fine. And it’s healthy as long as u get veggies. I ate it like twice a month. After the horrible morning sickness subsided at 4 months prego, I craved it. I gave into bad stuff like donuts and ice cream. lol. Riley turned out fine at a healthy 8 pds 4.2 oz. Stuff in moderation is fine

  3. I always craved weird things.
    Chillies come to mind and coffee. I hate coffee normally.
    With Ivy and Noah it was capsicum and strawberries.

    Also, I looked after a lady once who craved rubber. She used to get down on the ground in the car park so she could smell the tyres. Took a bag of erasers in with her when she was in labour.

    I always thought it was in the first trimester that you had to avoid all those taboo foods. I think a turkey sandwich might be okay.

    Yum @ the cookie dough.

    tiffs last blog post..Decisions…

  4. Wow! The smell of rubber is one I haven’t heard of yet. I wonder if she was a race car driver in a previous life or something! While I don’t have a recipe for fake runny eggs, I do have a recipe for fake cookie dough that doesn’t involve raw eggs. Maybe I’ll whip some up for you if you pretend it has eggs in it 😉

    Ns last blog post..Taking the edge off of winter

  5. Eat the Subway! I craved tuna sandwiches with pickles and I ate one (maybe 2) a week! Then there is the theory that the lunch meat needed to be heated (to kill what, I am not sure) so I’d heat it up, to “steaming” let it cool and then make my sandwich at home. Have you craved raw potatoes yet? That took the edge off wanting to eat dirt.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Ode to Youtube

  6. It is normal to have a morning sickness and being choosy with the foods you are going to eat..I have experienced it to my dear cousin..she didn’t most of the food I cooked.

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