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Purring Cats on Pregnant Bellies… 24 week pregnancy thoughts

Well yesterday was the beginning of my 24th week of pregnancy. Other than the belly button pain and the occasional rib cage or back pain all is well. The bump is growing but I was surprised to see that I didn’t gain much weight over the month.

I’ve got a prenatal appointment with the OBGYN next week and I am sure she’ll make a comment about the lack of weight gain this month but N and I aren’t worried. According to all our reading Tater is just starting another growth spurt so I’ll probably pack on several more pounds shortly.

It seems my weight gain is not really a gradual thing, I pack on a good amount one month which puts me over what is deemed normal then the next month I stall out and don’t gain much… It is hit or miss really. Good news is I am still eating like a mad woman and I’ve put on 20 pounds since becoming pregnant, I think gaining another 20-30 pounds in 3 months is not going to be a problem.

This morning I was happy to see it was again a warmer day and we were able to open up all the windows and enjoy the fresh breeze. We are fresh air and sunlight people. We love our windows to be open so winter is sometimes a downer for us, especially when we don’t get enough pretty snow.

The morning email checking was nice with the cool breeze blowing through the house. Andrew one of our cats climbed in to my lap and took a nap as soon as I got up. These days all the pets have been less interested in hanging out with me, probably because they sense Tater is coming. So it was nice that Andrew came to see me today.

N snapped a photo of the love fest on my lap so everyone could see how the belly is looking…

It is kind of funny how Tater responds to the cats purring. She can totally hear them and she will kick when ever they are purring near my belly.

I told N she is either going to be super soothed by the purring when she’s born or she’ll go crazy wanting to play with them when they purr. What do you think?

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0 thoughts on “Purring Cats on Pregnant Bellies… 24 week pregnancy thoughts

  1. I hope my kitten has mellowed out by the time I have children. Although, I think my Boo will adore to have a toddler around the house. She LOVES to play hide and seek (I’m too big as a grown adult), and peek-a-boo/stalking.

    Maybe Tater will think of purring as soothing like “momma’s heartbeat”. Then your cat can love near you, and the baby will be content.

    Your baby bump is adorable. It sounds like everything is going well?

    MIchelles last blog post..In which I attempt to be thoughtful and coherent

  2. I thought it would be the vibrating, isn’t that why those bouncers have little vibrating boxes under them to soothe baby? It would feel warm to Tater too!

    My dog knows I have a lil Peanut coming, I have to keep Peanut’s door closed because she tries to go in there and whinge, then poo on the floor. Gross, but strange.

    We love Summer sun too…Winter depresses people. I haven’t gained a lot of weight, I went up quickly to begin with, then lost a bit and am only 8kg heavier than before I was pregnant. Being close to the same stage as you, I feel a growth spurt coming on as well in these last few months! My belly growth has been normal and steady, it started to poke out during December and now is gradually growing.

    After watching your video of Tater kicking I sat and watched my own belly and I could see it too, so now I watch it everywhere, at Uni, at friends houses, on the bus, in the passenger seat of the car….

    Tanyas last blog post..Perfect

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