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Small victories and insurance battles…

I have a few moments before we have to head out and just wanted to share a few things. First, Everly TOOK A BOTTLE from N this morning, we are super pleased!

She ended up taking the Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser Bottles I won via a blog/ twitter contest back in May.

Unfortunately I hadn’t pumped that much milk the night before so the bottle didn’t fill her up, she did drink all the milk that was in it though and I breastfed her afterward to be sure her tummy was full.

It took N about an hour of her fussing and refusing before she was tired enough to doze off in his arms. Once she was dozing he could get her to drink the bottle.

It’s a good thing she’s getting the hang of occasional bottle feeding because I have some all day weekend rehersals coming up with the colorguard and N will be home with E the entire time, ideally He’ll be able to bottle feed her while I am off teaching all day. Woot, she wont starve!

Also, we bought Everly this Cradling Bouncy Seat and to our surprise she like it very much! It’s nice to be able to spend time with her without having to hold her the whole time.

Oh and we dealt with some very maddening health insurance/ birth cost crap today. Remember how I had a 4th degree tear after Everly was born?

Well I transported to the local hospital for stitches since a 4th degree tear is a bit more complex to repair than anything the midwives had done.

Normally they can stitch up minor tears but since I tore straight through they wanted a surgeon to do the repair work to insure all the muscles and tissue were repaired properly, you know so I wouldn’t leak and have resulting lack of control down there…

Anyway, we paid $3500 (100% out of pocket) to our midwife for Everly’s birth. That is pretty cheap compared to what it costs to birth in a hospital.

Now guess how much the bill for all my repair work was from the hospital, after insurance discounts and whatnot…

Lets just say the bill is about 52% of what the total cost for Everly’s birth was. Isn’t that crazy? It just goes to show how super inflated hospital & insurance billing is compared to paying a alternative provider directly without the hospital or insurance involved. I thought medical insurance was supposed to help us financially…

Also, remember how much of a stink my ex OBGYN made about me not getting the RhoGam shot during pregnancy? They told me I was endangering my baby and my future fertility and that it wasn’t really an optional thing…

Well after Everly was born and her blood type was determined I did get the RhoGam shot while I was at the hospital being stitched up.

Insurance will billed for it and apparently between the insurance company and the providing physician out in Tennessee that shot is somehow not deemed “a medical necessity” and insurance is now refusing to pay for it. Nice huh?

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  1. I am so happy that she finally took a bottle for Nathan. It will take time but she will do better and better for him. Aubrie still looks for me when Randy is feeding her. They both really enjoy the time bonding together though. Hospital bills are outragious though I got the bill for Aubries birth via c section and it was over 10,000. We luckily only have to pay a small portion of that thanks to pregnancy medicaid.

  2. I was told that you arent meant to go from bottle to breast and back again but I do with Emily and she takes to both really well. She always looks surprised when she has a bottle as she can drink it so much quicker!

    Expressing is strange, isn’t it? Nathan and I were both sitting trying to position the pump at first and both cheered when a milk flow was established. It was funny but I’m glad nobody came to visit right at that moment.

    I express for Emily as I work sundays for 8 hours, its a nice break but I get very achy by the end of it.

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