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Still trying to find somewhere near southern Indiana to deliver my baby…

This week we found out that CPM (certified professional midwives) are not covered via N’s employer plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield does cover midwives in other plans but for the specific plan elected by N’s employer they are not included… Bummer

This reminds me of how we felt discovering that same sex domestic partnerships are recognized here but not male/ female domestic partnerships and how mold is lawful here but not home birth.

This means birthing at The Farm is only possible if we can pay the $4700 out of pocket to deliver and stay there. I just spoke with Pamela over at The Farm and did the phone interview with her.

It is amazing how different people give you different vibes that can have a major influence on your feelings about something. After talking to Pamela I feel 100% comfortable and even a bit excited about a natural birth at The Farm as opposed to my feelings and vibes from others I have met and spoke with.

Having someone who understands your motivation and is not judgmental or scared about the process makes a huge difference in how confident and prepared you feel. I have been searching high and low for a midwife who is confident in me and the process, supportive of my wishes and who is also upfront and honest about all the specifics.

Pamela took down my info and we talked about diet and health. She says I seem like a good candidate for a Farm birth based upon my weight, height, age and my reproductive history.

We also talked about the RhoGam shot and my blood type. At the Farm they will test the baby’s cord blood after delivery and will administer the shot if it is needed after labor. They do not have you get the shot during pregnancy unless you are having a placental complication or other blood contamination risks.

Everything I want is possible at The Farm including the medical support and knowledge of emergency situations. Their statistics are very good and they also have quite the positive birthing track record. What I like most is their philosophy that women with normal, risk free pregnancies shouldn’t be afraid of having a natural birth outside the hospital.

As long as you have a back up plan and are open to the idea that you may need to transport to the hospital in an emergency there is no reason to not try for the birth that you want. That is exactly what The Farm is for us, both a safety precaution and the freedom to have what we want.

I desperately want to be able to pay for a birth at The Farm, now I need to figure out the finances. I wont bore you with the specific details but basically we need to come up with about $7000 cash in 6 months to repair the Nissan (that is still in Arizona) and to pay for the birth we want otherwise I am stuck with a much less preferable hospital birth.

A fellow blogger near me (YERTblog) discovered Clark Memorial Hospital’s Birthing Center that is near us. They have a natural birthing room with the birthing tub and they are more open to natural birthing preferences. This hospital seems like the best hospital option in our area and our insurance does cover this facility so we have a back up plan if we aren’t able to financially make The Farm happen.

Unfortunately with hospital birth comes the fear mongering, the lack of support and all the possibilities of unnecessary interventions. It just wont be the spiritual birth I want for me and my baby.

In other news this 14th week of pregnancy has resulted in much growth! I am clearly showing now (it is a small bump) and I have begun to feel the skin stretching and pressure, you know the fun of growing a human being. Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure:

Now I am just trying to crunch the budget and figure out how we can come up with the cash we need.

Pamela at The Farm wants us to come out for a tour and an exam before we make any financial commitments or sign and forms. She suggested an appointment sometime in January or in March so N and I have some decision making to do.

Oh yeah, have a happy new year all!

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  1. Cute belly! You are going to be one of those gorgeous pregnant ladies.

    I am envious that you have choices I never felt like I had. I’m not sure I would have done anything differently, but it would have been nice to KNOW I could have. Seriously, I never thought there was any other way than what my OB/GYN said.

    Then again, I am certain that without medical/surgical intervention, we would have lost my granddaughter 22 months ago… the dear sweet girl who so entertained me this past week.

    My wish for you is an easy and normal pregnancy and childbirth… and that if that is not possible, the best medical care possible for you and the baby.

    Yes, I know I’m in danger of becoming a cyber-stalking grandma. But really, can a child have too many grandmas?

    Donna B.s last blog post..Stuck DVD

  2. Did you ask her about financing options? Most midwives give you at least until 36 weeks to pay. I’m still making payments to my midwife here and Odessa’s 3 months old!

    Be wary of the hospital with natural birth option. I had Max at a hospital like that and found that it’s basically just a way to get you in the door. It was a very nice hospital mind you, with big tubs and good food and birthing balls and fold-out couches, but when you’re hooked up to an IV you can’t do any of that anyway. And the worst part is all the “checking.” Nurses will check your dilation so often and so perfunctorily that you’ll feel like you’ve been turned inside out before the baby even presents. Midwives only check if you ask or if they think it’s truly necessary. My midwife in FL checked me twice, my midwife here only checked me once. Midwives are also a lot cooler about letting you waive tests you don’t want.

    Memarie Lanes last blog post..Good Riddance

  3. So if the farm birth is want you guys really want, maybe we all could rally and hold yard sales and donate the money to “The Farm” fund, that way the burdon isnt all on you. If it means that much to you two then holding a yardsale should be that hard to do, I mean its only a few hours for one day.

  4. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you can have the birth you want! And om my gawd – you are freaking HUGE now! NOT! LOL! You look like you swallowed a PEA. But I’m glad to see you have been eating. 😉 Yes, I’m being sarcastic and I know it is all new to you because you’ve never had a belly before but I think these are the first photos in which you almost look pregnant to me! 😉 Hugs to you and happy new year! 🙂

  5. I was just googling and ran across your blog..sorry to be so random, but I had to offer my 2 cents!

    I’ve heard such wonderful things about The Farm, so I don’t mean to change your mind at all about getting things together financially. I just gave birth at Clark and my husband and I had a great experience. Our nurse only performed checks when I requested them, and pretty much stood back and offered assistance occasionally. We had our doula with us and I delivered with the assistance of our CPN-midwife, Beth Bary. The L&D nurses are wonderfully supportive of natural birthing. The stay in the recovery room was okay, with the ‘required’ seemingly endless checks on blood pressure, etc, but a short 24hrs.
    If you can’t get to The Farm, go to Clark! I’d suggest doing a tour first..go hang out on the L&D floor, and see the tiny adorable babies in the nursery.
    Best wishes to you!

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