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Adventures of traveling the pacific coast highway- Pt. 2- Spending to much time in the car is a bad thing!

As you can tell by the title of this post traveling by car to a distant destination is not always a good thing! spending too much time in the car makes you grumpy and irritable and you can’t make tuna fish sandwiches while driving in the car (well you shouldn’t).

N and I visit California when we are able to take a vacation. He likes the ocean I like that there is so much to do there. California is our preferred destination and we have taken many trips there, in Adventures of traveling the pacific coast highway- Pt. 1 we thought it would be a great idea to drive from Arizona to San Francisco and to camp along the pacific coast highway so we could save money on hotel costs by not using one. If we had known about the cheap hotels we probably wouldn’t have camped outside LA and had that early morning run in with the bear! If you are looking for travel information you should check out hotelsbycity.net, they have an abundance of information about popular destinations and they might be able to save you some trouble/ money!

Now allow me to present Adventures of traveling the pacific coast highway part 2

After a frightful night of no sleep because somebody brought smores in to the tent we emerged from our tent, made breakfast and began packing up our camp. We had about another 8 hours to drive before we would reach our destination for the 2nd night, another camp ground along the pacific coast highway. We allowed ourselves to be amused by the close encounter of with the bear, had some breakfast and went on our way.

We went, driving along listening to music and trying to enjoy the long car ride ahead of us. After we got out of the camp ground and on to the main road we noticed many motorcyclists on the Pacific Coast Highway, it seems like a biker rally was traveling the highway or perhaps they just found riding the highway enjoyable.

Anyway, biker after biker passed us on the windy road, we weren’t going that slow and were kind of surprised by the number of bikers who were going so fast but we just stayed to the right and allowed them to fly past us.

After several miles we noticed this rather odd poof of smoke or dust on the left hand shoulder and we thought somebody had wrecked. We slowed down to offer assistance and saw that a biker had lost control of his bike, he was laying on the asphalt… his bike was hanging off the cliff!

We pulled off the road to offer our assistance, the motorcycle man was all alone and we figured we had just escaped being eaten by a bear so we had better pay the good karma forward and help this poor man.

The motorcycle man wanted help pulling his bike off the side of the cliff so N went over to help him. Motorcycles are heavy just so you know…. this bike was literally hanging off the side of the cliff and it appeared the only thing that was keeping the bike from falling was this crispy shrub. Anyway, they pulled the bike back from the edge and the we sat there and waited with the motorcycle man. He was sure his friends were coming back to get him and that they noticed he was no longer with them.

I noticed that motorcycle man’s pantalones (pants- I am weird sorry) were torn and bloody and I offered to clean him up. We were prepared travelers with our first aid kit in the car so we took a look at his knee and began cleaning it up.

Motorcycle man was more concerned with “not looking like he had wrecked” then he was regarding his knee, by the way his knee was like roast beef! We warned him that he was in shock and not feeling the full extent of his injury, we ripped up a t-shirt so we could tie his knee off. It was bleeding and was ripped open, very deeply. We offered him some ibuprofen for the pain and said we would drive him into town so he could get to a hospital.

He declined our offer and refused to leave this bike behind.. He was crazy for being so stubborn and we couldn’t believe he was not worried about his injury. Anyway he wanted to call his buddy so that he could come back with a truck to rescue him and his bike.

Although we did not agree with biker man’s priorities when his friend returned to assist him we wished them well and continued on our way.

Adventures of traveling the pacific coast highway- Pt. 1 Smores

I just found a company, Trusted Tours & Attractions, that offers popular sightseeing tours and vacations online. I read that you could win a hand held GPS just by signing up for their online newsletter so I signed up and began browsing their available tours. I found a tour of San Francisco that reminded me of a previously insane trip we took there, here is the story:

A trip up the pacific coast highway-

We were on the way to San Francisco and were making a week long trip so we decided to try and save some money by camping out in various places along the way, plus N had never been camping before.

So we gathered our supplies, borrowed a gun from a family member and headed on our way. The first night was nice and low key. We camped outside of LA in the mountains. On the way to our camp sight we read various warnings along the road about some spotted bear and her cubs, it was camping so wildlife is to be expected right? We continued on our way up the mountain to our camp site. Before arriving at out site we checked in with the ranger station and asked about the bear. They said our camp site was many miles away from the area the mama bear and cubs were spotted and that as long as we put our food and trash away we would be fine.

So we arrive at the camp site, set up our tent and get the fire going. We had a nice time together playing cards, talking and enjoying the fresh air and the fire. After we had dinner and smores for dessert we started to gather up our food and trash so we could lock it up in the car. We didn’t want to attract any animals to our camp site. N made me unload the gun and I slept with it and the bullets under my pillow (I have been camping before and know that protection is sometimes necessary). Anyway at about 2 am we wake up to the sound of the camp site dumpster lid flinging open, something was rustling through the trash. It was something big because it was throwing trash out of the dumpster and onto to asphalt road around the dumpster, besides the trash had one of those animal proof locking devices on it. Was it a homeless person living in the forest?

Our camp site was within 50 yards of the dumpster so we were wondering what was going on and if they/ it would come to our site next. After several minutes of trash rustling and throwing we started to hear the crunch of foot steps coming towards our campsite. Now I sit up and start fumbling for the gun and bullets, I want the gun loaded in case for some reason we need to use it. I also motioned for N to keep very still and quite, if it was an animal the last thing we needed to do was give it reason to attack.

At this point we are full of adrenaline and it seems as though our hearts are beating right out of our chests. I get the gun loaded and the side of the tent begins to push inward in the shape of a snout… we hear sniffing and heavy breathing. Now I am sure it’s a bear and I notice the plate of smores sitting right inside the tent door! Great, a bear is sniffing the side of our tent and we have smores inside!

Now the gun we borrowed was a revolver, yes a dinky revolver! A revolver will not stop an angry bear, it will only make it more angry unless you manage to shoot it’s eye or something like that… Anyway, I am totally freaked by this point, gun in hand praying that the bear moves on. We are still dead silent.

A couple of sites away some dogs begin going crazy barking and carrying on, are more bears coming or do the dogs only sense this one at our tent? Luckily the bear becomes more interested in the other camp site and stops sniffing the side of our tent. We hear the crunch of foot steps and the bear moves on.

We weren’t able to fall back asleep that easily after the episode and did not leave the tent till the sun came up. I was so upset about him bringing the smores into the tent after we went through ALL the trouble of locking up the food and trash. I did however get to keep the gun loaded the rest of the night!

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