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The Pet Peeve Meme…

While I was making my peanut butter and honey toast this morning I looked in the sink and my blood started to curdle. Right there in the freaking sink the dish scrubber was chillin, this is a BIG no-no in my kitchen! The sink is the dirtiest place ever, food gets dumped in it and down the garbage disposal. When the scrubber or sponge lays in the sink dishes get piled on top of it, it gets covered with slimy food/ germs and after that who would want to use it or reach in to find it? Not me buddy! Honestly, how does it make sense to put the item you use to clean crap off of dishes in the bottom of the sink? You may as well be wiping your dishes down with a raw chicken breast or some old paper towel you found in the trash. Yuck!

Then I thought, what a lovely and possibly entertaining thing to blog about! Something as small as a food covered scrubber that pisses me off is a perfect blog topic! So I headed over to google to search for a pet peeve meme that I could use to share my disgust. Over at Danielles Garden I found a top 5 pet peeves meme that just fit the bill. Here it goes, my pet peeves of the moment..

1. Dirty germ infested, food covered dish scrubbers that are all nastied up and left for ME to deal with! We might as well skip the dish washing and just eat off dirty dishes, that way we are exposed to LESS germs and bacteria.

2. People who are in constant need of your sympathy because “they have it so bad”, everyone deals with sucky shit and they manage to pick themselves and function in the real world. You can to, but if you choose not to don’t make everyone else out to be the bad guys.

3. Truck drivers who can’t wait for a clearing in traffic to pull out on to the road like the rest of us. What rule allows you to pull out in front of oncoming traffic (near the little america in Flagstaff) and expect everyone to stop and wait for you? Pretty sure you are the one who is supposed to be yielding to the flow of traffic not the other way around!

4. When you go through your day trying to be courteous and respectful of everyone around you despite the fact that nobody else does the same. Being respectful and courteous is damn annoying when everyone else is self centered and nasty but what can you do? Stooping to their level is not any better.

5. Loud or frantic eaters annoy me to no end! I don’t understand why people need to eat like someone is going to steal the plate away from them, take time to chew your food and enjoy it. Besides nobody want to watch or hear you inhaling your meal! Also, my skin crawls when people eat their fries like a “wood chopper”… Think about it, I know you have seen this done. They stick the tip of the fry in their mouth, chew on it then they move on to the next part o the fry… Ugh, it is hard to explain. Here is a video illustration fr ya! Watch the girl on the left with the white hat on, she is chopping fries!

So, want to share your pet peeves? You know you want to! Common do it, you will feel better- but link to me too okay? You can say something like, Talina over at Harvest of Daily Life shared her top 5 pet peeves and encouraged me to do the same. Here is my take on the 5 pet peeves meme!

Oh, wordpress users, get your image to show up when you comment by getting a gravatar! I just did, it is not that hard. all you need to do is: “begin by registering a Gravatar image on the Gravatars site by signing up and submitting an image.” or sign in to your “global dashboard” and upload your preferred photo! I just read a nice post about this over @ and mine works like a charm now!

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0 thoughts on “The Pet Peeve Meme…

  1. *stands up clapping enthusiastically*
    I HATE the dish scrubber scenario. My husband used to be really bad…he’d CLEAN THE SINK with the same dish scrubber we used to clean our baby bottles. I’d freak out and he’d say “I’m using antibacterial soap, what’s the big deal?” OMG. I didn’t kill him, though, I just spent his money on new special scrubbers ONLY for the baby dishes. He gets it from his mother, who used to use her nasty dish rag to wipe Wynnie’s face when she was a baby. I wanted to crawl out of my skin because her dish rag is one of those that ALWAYS smells like bacteria.

    Oh, and he eats like a wood chipper, too. Hmmm, he’s pretty annoying in a couple of ways. When I have PMS, sometimes I wanna grab his food and shove it in his eye.

    Oh, and would you PLEASE send me an email at hyphenmama [at] q [dot] com and tell me if you think Grass B Gone is the world’s worst toxic waste and tell me that I shouldn’t use it in my gardens to keep the grass out. Or send me to a post you may have written about keeping grass out of gardens (gardens that already have weed barrier). THANKS! But only if you have time!!!

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Pet Peeve Thursday–Two for the Price of One

  2. Yes, I’m looking for an organic, non-toxic way of keeping grass out of my gardens. I’ve got weed barrier, then a few inches of mulch in each garden, but the grass continues to grow through the weed barrier. I hate to use chemicals (herbicides) but I’m running out of patience and am looking for an alternative to pulling grass out by hand every day!
    Thanks Talina!!

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