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The wordpress API key mystery is solved!!

I have personally been struggling with having my wordpress blog on my own domain ( for a while now. I initially had this business blog hosted at but they suspended it because it was a commercial blog and they don’t allow those. Anyway, I was forced to learn how to host my own blog on my own domain so I went over to and downloaded the software. Learning something new is always a struggle and this was no different. It is all really a learn as you go process. Each time an issue came up I had to search the net for answers. Eventually I managed to work my way through it all with the exception of the mystery API key.

Lately I have been getting lots of comment spam from random sites/ IP addresses and having spam protection has really been a necessity for me. Unfortunately, I have been unable to figure out how to find my worpress API key in order to activate the Akistmet spam protection.

Yesterday I finally found the solution to the mystery of the wordpress API key! The only way you can obtain an API key is to sign up @!

  1. Those of us who are hosting blogs on our own domains need to head over to, sign up for an account (even though we already have our own accounts for our blogs on our own domains). Seems silly huh??
  2. Anyway, when you sign up @ wordpress you must go though all the steps to create a new blog (that you don’t need since you are already hosting one on your domain).
  3. Once you sign up and create a blog you can visit the “my account” section in the top right hand corner of the page.
  4. In the “my account” section you will find the “edit profile” option. Click on the “edit profile” option and a page will open up and you will see your API key in the top right of the page. (Your API key is: xxxxxxxxxxxx. Don’t share your API key, it’s like a password.)

And there you have it!! The mystery of the wordpress API key is solved!! The Akistmet spam protection is really doing the trick for me!! Now all the porn and prescription pill spam comments are automatically marked as spam and I don’t have to go through each one and delete them individually! That mean I’ll have more time to actually write blog entries!! Yay!

Well, I hope this helps all you fellow bloggers who are searching for the answer to the API key mystery!! Have a good day!

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0 thoughts on “The wordpress API key mystery is solved!!

  1. I have got API key but when I use that key in my actual blog it give the following error message…

    “Error from last API Key attempt:
    Your blog was unable to connect to Please ask your host for help. (transport error – could not open socket: )

    Can you please tell me what is the solution…

  2. Error from last API Key attempt:

    Your blog was unable to connect to Please ask your host for help. (transport error – HTTP status code was not 200)
    Any solution for the above message

  3. Thank you for the post, I now also solve my API Key issue.

    I justed wanted to add to point two above. One doesn’t have to create a blog to get an API Key, it is enough to sign up without creating a blog (on the page where you choose a username, you have to check the “just give me a login” option). I did that and got my API Key.

    Just a hint, thanks anyways and happy blogging.

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