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What a night! No sleep, hazardous weather and baby fun…

Last night we were jostled from sleep by the weather radio. *For all my west coast readers who don’t already know* It is designed to go off whenever a watch or warning is in effect for our area, you know to make sure you are aware of the possible danger even when you aren’t able to hear area sirens or whatever. I guess it is possible to sleep through the sirens, how I am not sure…

Anyway, we have batteries in our weather radio and it is set to alarm so it goes off alerting us whenever a warning or watch is issued. These aren’t just issued once either, the alarms and sirens do a great job at making you very aware of the situation at hand!

The somewhat messed up thing is that now Evansville sounds the sirens and radios for severe thunderstorms that could produce massive sized hail. I guess hail damage has been an issue in the past and they decided it was something people needed warning for. To protect their cars or whatever.

So now we hear the sirens for severe thunderstorms or tornadoes which normally isn’t a huge deal. Unless it is 3 am and you just fell asleep. You can’t ignore the sirens and alarms because what if that thunderstorm has now escalated in to a tornado or something?

So we both wake, head out to check that the patio plants/ furniture are secure and that the animals are in their homes with shelter for the storm. We turn the TV on to see the weather coverage (because whenever the sirens go off N’s station cuts in and does a weather update, even at 3 am). Once we hear all about the weather situation and are sure there are no threats of tornadoes we can go back to bed…

Unfortunately the town sirens keep going off and the thunder, lightening, rain and hail aren’t easy to sleep through. I mean Tater was even being startled by all the noise, she would jump at the loud thunder claps and was also wide awake with all the chaos.

So, N is able to drift off back to sleep a few times while I lay there being kicked, prodded and startled by all the jumping and startling inside my uterus. These sleepless nights are good parenting practice right?

So yeah, I am pretty tired and am also noticing that my energy level has begun to impact my decisiveness about things. We are still living out of boxes and N wants direction about where to hang things and how I want to set things up.

Really, I just don’t give a crap about anything much these days. Which means my floors need moping, carpets need vacuuming, boxes need unpacking, cupboards need organizing, the bathtub needs to be cleaned, the garage is a disaster of exploded boxes and all I can do is lay and think about how effed up the place is and how I just can’t do anything about it.

What is better is once we get home with Tater we’ll have all sorts of company here at the house. Do you think they will mind the coffee splatter on the kitchen tile and the cat hair all over the white carpets? —-

[and now an abrupt change of subject]

Yesterday you might have noticed how I was tweeting weird stuff, it was me testing out the live blogging capabilities of a new twitter plugin I found. The idea is to allow me to tweet via text message (if I have cell phone reception) while I am at The Farm and to have those tweets seamlessly show up here on the blog. You know to give everyone some sort of info about how the days are progressing and when labor starts. Plus, I don’t want to leave the blog all empty and sad while I am away.

So, yeah… Got the live blogging all worked out. I am also adding a few people as guest posters to the blog in case they want to blog something while I am away.

Oh and…

  • Don’t forget about the live chat tomorrow on my web baby shower site. Stop by and hang out if you can. I’ll have photos to share and fun slideshows plus it will be a realtime chat where we can talk about anything.
  • The mad-lib birth announcement is making it’s rounds to those who have said they would like to be included. There is still time to sign up if you wanna play too, the more the merrier!
  • We still need more people to sign up for the Talina’s Baby Weight Contest, you’ll win a cash prize and all you have to do is guess my weight! Go forth and enter now…

[okay, brain dump complete]

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0 thoughts on “What a night! No sleep, hazardous weather and baby fun…

  1. I would love to come clean your floors. I am a little OCD about floors. I hate things sticking to my feet…

    You kno what? If they are staying at your house, they should help you with things around the house. I know when I come to see you, Ill be cleaning and helping you with Tater! Those are 2 things I cant wait to do!!!

  2. Sounds like you aren’t to the “nesting” stage yet? I was a complete crazy OCD woman about my house being clean about a month before I went into labor. I was cleaning out cupboards, vacuuming, you name it, I did it. Maybe you’ll get a burst of energy soon! If not, your visitors won’t expect a clean house and if so, tell them to pick up a mop and get to work! LOL

  3. I’d be willing to bet that if any of your post-baby guests have ever given birth, or KNOW somebody who has… they will completely understand about the house. And if they don’t… then they aren’t very nice. If they truly love you, they’ll grab a vacuum and spiff up real quick after they make you a nice cup of tea. That’s what people do when one has a baby… they dote on the mommy & baby.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..How much is a cat’s life worth?

  4. When I was pregnant with my second daughter we went to a tractor pull. Since no one that doesn’t live in the south knows what that is, just suffice it to say it is very, very loud. Think race tracks and worse.
    Anyway, I kept wishing I had brought protection for my ears and my girl kept jumping and kicking every time one of the tractors took off.
    I blame that tractor pull, (to her father), every time she gives us any trouble at all. It works fairly well. So far I have skated on taking responsibility for just about everything! 😉

    Krissas last blog post..Other O development Os?

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