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Where do I start?

Okay, lets see- Saturday my students have their last/ championship performance and we are all so excited! Things will become calmer and more low key after this highly competitive date has passed. I am very peased with their show and have confidence that they are going to rock!

In other news I am on day 2 of counting calories and things are still the same weight wise. I am even trying to limit the amount of dancing I do in class so that my chances of keeping some of the calories.

Oh, my male finch got his head stuck in the bottom grate of his cage this morning. He was trying to get something down there, put his head through the bars and then got it stuck. He was making all sorts of commotion and it was very traumatic. After some maneuvering he was free an we were all shook up a bit.

N got a very aggressive recruitment packet from Eugene, OR yesterday after he sent his resume and tape to them. He is playing phone tag with the station manager now but it looks like a promising situation. He also did his phone interview with the station in Tri-cities, Washington.. the salary was low, that wasn’t a good match. However, they asked if thy could pass his info on to a station in Chattanooga, Tennessee.. We are also entertaining an offer from TX so the interest is still growing and we still have options.

I am making more progress with my MacBook and my other apple products. Yesterday someone helped me get my new IPOD working! Well, that is all to report today! How are you guys doing? Is it warm in your neck of the woods today?


This is a chatty post and it reminded me of the award Teeni just gave me! It is the Good blog chat award! Basically it is an award for those blogs that make you feel as if you were sitting down for a coffee and a chat. This is a fun award I am proud to have and I want to pass it on to a few fellow bloggers:

Janelle over @ has a chatty blog I enjoy! She is so causal, fun and laid back on her blog and she always has fun videos and entertainment stuff over there. I always fill up a cup of coffee and head over to read her posts, it is like we are chatting face to face!

Veronica over @ is the other recipient of this award because we are CONNECTED through similar experiences. As I was reading her blog about how her period is making an appearance I got mine- Yep right here sitting on the couch writing this blog! We are two pissed off lades trying to get pregnant, but things aren’t going our way!

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5 thoughts on “Where do I start?

  1. hi, thanks for the visit to my site and I am glad that you mentioned about the serenity of the place, actually there is a Buddhist tembple in that park so it was adorned with those lanterns. The park is a very popular place for people to walk, do exercise, and have picnic.

  2. Gorgeous weather in my neck of the woods! Nice turn after snow earlier this week.

    I hope Nathan finds a perfect match. I watched that video blip you posted where he was on 9news in my town.

    I hope your weight gain plan starts working very soon!

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post..I Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

  3. Thankyou so much. I can’t believe I missed this until now, damn brain. Hehe.

    Damn periods, damn TTC. Long cycles suck lots because you can never be quite sure where you are at.

    Veronica’s last blog post..Housekeeping

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