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25th week prenatal appointment updates and brain dump.

Yesterday was my 25 week prenatal appointment with the useless OBGYN. Got the all clear on mine and Tater’s health. Things are still going normally and are on track. I weighed in at 123.5 lbs which is 4.5 pounds more than last checkup. That is perfectly normal when you remember the recommended weight gain during the 2nd trimester is 1 to 1.5 lbs per week.

I got my dreaded Glucola drink for the next appointment in two weeks. They are doing my blood glucose test and will also be running my blood work to check for any antibodies that may have been developed during pregnancy. I hate having blood drawn, remember how I passed out at our first prenatal appointment? I hope there is no repeat of that incident at the next appointment!

I am now on 2 week visits as opposed to once a month visits which means the fun with our useless OBGYN is about to get even better! She’ll be out of the area for the next appointment though, thankfully I’ll get to deal with another doc instead. But she’ll be back for the following visit…

The frequency of theses visits it just a bit overkill for me. I mean seeing her once a month is already pointless and now we will get to see her every two weeks for a while… We are firing her right before my once a week visits begin since we’ll be down in Tennessee with The Farm midwives watching over me at that point (only 13 weeks to go till we are at The Farm waiting for Tater to come!).

N and I are revisiting whether or not we’ll consent to the RhoGam shot. They usually administer it at 28 weeks but since my blood/ glucose test hasn’t been run yet I’ll be due for the shot at 29 weeks if we opt for it. We are going back and fourth weighing the issues, it is quite a hard decision and finding the complete information on the pros and cons has been difficult.

When we asked our useless OBGYN to explain the reasoning behind giving the shot during pregnancy as opposed to just having it after delivery her response was “we give it to everyone that is rh negative as a precaution”… That was the end of the discussion. Helpful huh?

I am leaning towards not having it while pregnant, all the information I’ve found makes it seem like it is an unnecessary intervention done “just in case” but it actually carries more risk than benefit in my eyes. When I deliver I’ll totally get the shot if Tater’s blood is Rh positive I am just not convinced of the safety and necessity of getting the shot while she is still inside me…

We met with the slumlord “slumstress” this morning to turn over a rent check and to take the next step in officially getting out of our lease. Nothing is officially signed yet as her signature is invalid since it’s not on the original lease. Her husband has to sign the release, then we will and it will be done. So we are still waiting to seal the deal on that one.

We’ve made good progress on packing and cleaning. I’ve done tons of budget figuring and basically we’ve spent our income tax return on buying this new house. We haven’t stretched ourselves too thin but we also wont have any extra money for things like Tater’s nursery furniture or our Nissan repair. We are still saving for our out of pocket costs to birth at The Farm. Once the birth is done and paid for we’ll just shift our saving focus to the other stuff.

Eventually we’ll save enough to pay for all the stuff we need, it is just going to take tons of time. It would be nice to have it all immediately, you know instant gratification and all but that is not the way life goes.

So don’t ask me about photos of Tater’s nursery okay? It wont be set up or complete until about 6 months after she arrives. She’ll be sleeping in our room at first anyway.

Well I think that is it for the latest news… I am tired/ fatigued and have been over the last few days. I think it is because Tater is having a growth spurt so I am off to nap some. Happy friday the 13th everyone, have a great weekend!

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  1. Donna B. »

    Yep, they don’t even care what N’s blood type is and sadly we still don’t know it. If he were rh- the shot is not needed. You are understanding it perfectly correct they are just okay with giving it (and I suspect billing for it) in all cases. They say it is to make sure nobody slips through the cracks but I feel like it is more about laziness or income rather than about anybody’s well being.

    They don’t even care if we don’t know his blood type and they should be referring us to someone who can draw his blood and find out his status before recommending anything. I would love to stop in at the local blood bank and have him donate some blood, if they’ll tell us his blood type/ rh factor.

  2. The blood bank will certainly type his blood – it would be useless if they didn’t! Whether they will tell him or not, I don’t know. I cannot see any reason why they would not. He might be a universal donor like I am — O neg — or he might be a really rare blood type they’d really like to keep track of.

    It seems to me that N’s blood type is valuable information that should be known before a decision is made. I’m trying to remember how we knew my husband was O+.

    Donna B.s last blog post..I’ve Been Living In The Real World

  3. Look in the yellow pages and see if there is a Any Test Lab in your area. It is a lab where you can walk in and request any type of lab work without having to have a doctor’s orders. There is one in Phoenix, and I know there is one in Atlanta, too. So, maybe there is one near you. If not, call some labs and ask if they have to have a doctor’s orders to get a blood type test done.

    Otherwise, if he gives blood, even at a blood-mobile type thing, they will give him a donor card that has his blood type on it.

    Karens last blog post..The La Paz County Fair

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