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Happy St. Pattys day guys, dye your hair green like me!

Yep, St. Patrick’s day is today… Just realized this. Here is a little flashy, flash from the past for you:

When I was in 6th grade I was going to this girl scout party for St. Patrick’s day. They were having a contest, “wear the most green and win”. My step dad and I planned to go and win.

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Adventures of traveling the pacific coast highway- Pt. 1 Smores

I just found a company, Trusted Tours & Attractions, that offers popular sightseeing tours and vacations online. I read that you could win a hand held GPS just by signing up for their online newsletter so I signed up and began browsing their available tours. I found a tour of San Francisco that reminded me […]

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Bubbly, burping beer.. fermenting in my bathroom.

My boyfriend, N, brews beer as a hobby. We have had several memorable beer brewing experiences. The first batch of beer he brewed blew the bottoms out of the individual glass bottles after bottling. Beer oozed all over the kitchen. Apparently too much yeast was used. Then next experience was homemade root beer soda. This […]

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