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Cat poo, candles and flaming tales. More pet madness to share!

You know how sometimes when you do something you get this flash of disaster scenario warning you of the what-if’s? I got one right as I was lighting a candle in my stinky bathroom. You see I was drawing a bath which is an immediate invitation for one of my cats to take a giant […]

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WTF, the shower curtain is making me crazy!

The rental we are in right now strangely enough came equip with shower curtains. When we first moved in the shower curtains wreaked of urine and the house hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned so we contacted the rental company and they sent out a house cleaner. The house cleaner who barely spoke English told me they […]

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The trusted travels enewsletter reminds me of: Adventures of traveling the pacific coast highway- Pt. 3- Trying to get to San Francisco

We were short on cash and trying to enjoy a well deserved vacation away from the Arizona heat. We decided upon or destination and compiled a long list of things to do in San Francisco once we arrived (like visiting fisherman’s wharf, Alcatraz and the golden gate bridge). We we stoked about our ending destination […]

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