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Winding down: First 2 weeks of parenting comes to a close.

This weekend has been somewhat enjoyable. Having N home to take some of the pressure off me is nice. Everly seems to be doing better this weekend with her fussiness too. We’ve been doing much experimenting with my diet and other causes of her fussiness and gas. The first thing I did was take dairy […]

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Everly is 1 week old today, last night was a doozie!

Everly has a “witching hour” It is from about midnight to 3am, interestingly enough that was the time of transition and trauma in her life. She was born at 1:16am remember? Anyway, there have only been like 3 nights over the course of the week where she’s been a handful during her witching hour… Last […]

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Keeping busy while resting AND gathering some stuff for Tater…

Some of you might remember how I began a baby stuff contest entering spree back in March. I started it to feel like I was doing something productive in preparing for Tater’s arrival and it has helped me not go crazy. Now It’s been a few months since that began. I’ve been checking twitter regularly […]

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Assvice: Lets talk baby play yards for a second…

You guys are so helpful with the mommy assvice advice! I can’t call it assvice because really I do appreciate hearing all the good info about those useless things that new parents often get sucked in to buying. My eyes have been opened, thank goodness! Gives me less to stress about, lol. So, we figured […]

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