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Prenatal appointments, huge zits and freezing rain fill my brain.

This week I have not one but two prenatal appointments scheduled. I am now in my 15th week of pregnancy (yippie!) and will be meeting Pamela @ The Farm this weekend. We are also seeing the OBGYN on Thursday morning for our 3rd prenatal appointment.

N is anticipating the prenatal appointments because he gets anxious to hear that little Tater Tot’s heart is still beating. He admitted last night that it is hard for him to trust that all is going as planned with Tater Tot inside my uterus since he can’t feel any movement yet or experience the growth and body changes I am going through. Although he does admit to having sympathy symptoms right along with me.

I let him feel the tightness in my lower belly where Tater Tot is growing, let him feel where my uterus presses extra hard on my bladder and intestines so he got little belly field trip to help him feel better. We have about another month to go until we find out if Tater Tot is a boy or a girl, we probably wont have another ultrasound picture until then either.

In other news I have a gianormous zit on my neck that is making me a bit crazy, it is like a second head is growing or something and no matter what I do to it (including stabbing it with a sewing needle) it will not pop or go away. I thought you might like to know about this but I wont be photographing it for you, sorry. All you get is poo photos! On second thought why not take a photo of the zit for you? I am not shy!

Oh and did I mention that we still have not had a single snow fall here this winter? Today we have more craptastic freezing rain but no frigging snow! We are never going to see snow ever again, isn’t that wonderful? Ooo looks like that freezing rain has turned to snow! Hurray, we get to see some fluffy white stuff falling. It isn’t sticking but it is still nice to see.

I told N that I would not be sad about moving from this town at the end of his 3 year contract, of course we will try to stay in this general vicinity of the US since we spent so much moving here and all. Anywhere near here that is foresty and gets snow is fine with me, this place is nasty.

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  1. No snow,, wow,, I never thought I would say this, but your lucky! We have had it for 3 weeks, which is fine, I love snow,but now we are having major rain, so everybody is flooding. They have streets closed off because storm drains have clogged, turning them into rivers. I saw on the news yesterday a man thought he was stepping into a puddle, but instead it was a sink hole! He landed up to his neck in icy slushy water, and had to be taken away in an ambulance when they finally got him out! On the subject of pimples, the worst one I ever had was in my ear. Granted, at least it wasn’t on the tip of my nose or something where everyone could laugh/point/run from in case of explosion,, but wow was it painful, and I couldnt get to it to pop. Nasty stuff those zits eh?

  2. I have had one of those pimples right on my cheek before. It took forever before it went away! What is it? Why won’t they go away? It’s like some sort of super pimple. 🙂

    So you are coming down my way this weekend?

    And you have the Wii Fit? I’m so jealous!

    Janelles last blog post..My Fear of TV’s

  3. Janelle »

    Yep, I’ll be in the Nashville area over the weekend is that near you? Another blogger friend of mine is also down that way. We could all meet up sometime for lunch for coffee.

    We are loving the Wii Fit! Got it for N for the holidays. It is great, now we just need to expand our Wii game collection. Don’t you have a Wii?

  4. I am more than willing to let you have some of the snow we’ve gotten!! I share well with others:) And I hate those kinds of zits…they usually hurt like crazy! Good luck at both of your prenatal appts!

    Oh, we should trade Wii console numbers:)

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