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WTF, the shower curtain is making me crazy!

The rental we are in right now strangely enough came equip with shower curtains. When we first moved in the shower curtains wreaked of urine and the house hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned so we contacted the rental company and they sent out a house cleaner.

The house cleaner who barely spoke English told me they don’t clean shower curtains. Since the shower curtain came with the rental it must be returned with the rental when we are done, that means I had to deal with it! I read somewhere that throwing the shower curtain in the wash would clean it right up so I tried it, the nasty urine smell went away!

Just a few days ago the smell came back (no we aren’t peeing on it!) so I went to work cleaning the shower curtain again. I figured since the shower curtain was all clean and sparky I should also scrub down the tub and shower- you know make the whole room squeaky clean! While I was at it I got a rude surprise.

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The freaking shower curtain was sticking to me and no matter what I did it just kept coming for me, WTF! I guess cleaning the grime off the curtain made it extra clingy or something…

If you have a clingy shower curtain like I do you may benefit from using the ShowerBow while you shower. It is easy to install and it pushes the shower curtain away from you while you shower so you don’t have to endure a soggy shower curtain clinging to your behind while you shampoo.

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