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20 week ultrasound appointment. We're having a…

[POPUP=IMG1]We got in for our appointment and got some nifty photos of our little one today. We even got a little CD with the photos in addition to the ultrasound printout. N was way excited about our appointment and he is super stoked at the news.

Lets see, I weighed in at 119 today and am super stoked. That is 9 pounds gained since the last appointment and the doctor even remarked at the weight gain being good.

The ultrasound showed that Tater is measuring in the 56th percentile as far as growth goes, which is just above average. All the baby’s measurements came back normal and the head is even a tad small which they think is a good thing since it makes for easier delivery.

My blood pressure was 108/62 which is also normal and all the ultrasound measurements are also coming back as accurate for my estimated due date of June 25th, duh! I know exactly what day we conceived thanks to NFP charting.

Here are the photos we got of little Tater today:

And now for the news you all came here for! Witchypoo was correct in her advice to “break out the tiara”. We are having a girl, a very aggressive and active one! N even wore his new bright, hot pink tie to work today to celebrate the occasion. Look how she is just freely baring the rump to proudly display those obvious lady parts! Better invest in a chastity belt now huh?

We were sure Tater was a boy because of how active and strong the movements were but I guess we just have one tough cookie of a girl. She must be destined to be a soccer player or a dancer or something based upon her kicks and movement, besides look at those calf muscles!

Here is another 4D shot of her face, though she was not happy about the picture taking. See how she is covering her face? Actually, she even rolled over right after this one was captured leaving us with only a view of her back. I guess the ultrasound was bugging her and disturbing nap time.

So there you have it, our first is going to be a little girl. Now we need to pick out a name and add some cute girly stuff to the registries.ย  It is kind of a bummer to be having a girl though, since all my friends had boys and want to give us their boy stuff, it is all good though. Boy or girl is fine with us and girl it is, yay.

We chatted with the mortgage people today too, they needed more info before they could approve or reject the application. It seems that student loan thing we had to deal with right before the move is creating a unique circumstance for us. Now we are sending over proof of payments on the loan and also some paperwork that outlines the repayment agreement per the collection agency.

Hopefully Obama will do somthing to prevent future abuse and name smearing that many collection agents have gotten away with in the past. It really is a shame that they make it so hard for people to make good on a debt once it is in collections, that just hurts your credit and takes years to correct once it is done.

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14 thoughts on “20 week ultrasound appointment. We're having a…

  1. OMG!! I am so excited!! I love that 4-D pic. The doc didn’t offer us anything like that when we went in for Riley. Girls are fun, so different then boys. My girl loves soccer and dancing ๐Ÿ™‚ A chasity belt is a good idea,lol. Have you thought of any names yet? Have you figured out a theme yet for her room and stuff? i will be sending you guys stuff eventually and I am excited it’s going to be pink stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah I am pretty excited about all the cute clothes I’ll get to dress her in… The Ultrasound tech was so funny too, she was all “are you two game for a some 4D fun?”… We were all yeah of course.

  2. Oh, oh, oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! A little girl!!!!! How awesome! Are you decided on a name yet?

    Man, those are some neat ultrasound pictures. Those last two are much more detailed then I’ve ever seen! I’m so excited and happy for you!! It’s amazing to see what she looks like before she has even emerged into the world!

    Let me know if you’d like me to do a guest post for you and I will be happy to put something together. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. We had a few boy names on the mind but aren’t set on a girl name yet… We need unique ideas now!

      I would love for you to guest post too, I am going to need it big time.

  3. Congratulations for the baby girl. I can imagine how happy both of you. I’ve been married for two year and hoping to have a baby girl soon…but seems we’ve still have to wait. Once again, congratulations and we’re happy for you and the sweet baby girl.

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