“It doesn’t look like any tree on this planet.” (Quote from http://www.apnmag.com/winter_2005/frankenpine.php) We are talking about a 100 foot cell phone tower disguised as a tree. It has been spotted in places such as San Diego, Washington, and Arizona. It has been described as a resembling a toilet brush and the phrase “frankenpine” is used […]

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Reviews on website hosting companies…

My website (Custom Gifts By Talina) went live in November 2005. Over the course of the last few months I have experienced many site building mistakes and frustrations. I am taking search engine optimization classes and chatting with several other small business owners on various groups (AZ Craft Biz Connection & QFLEA) to learn more […]

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Alternative Hair Removal Recipe

Sugaring is an alternative form of hair removal. Some people believe it is better for your skin than waxing because all the ingredients are natural and less likely to clog pores. Sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal that was first practiced in the Middle East. The sugar mixture is heated to form a […]

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