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The birds got free and other crazy pet stories…

Well today was quite an eventful day! The school district called another snow day so I didn’t have to teach again today. I slept in a bit and then got up and let the Alexandria Maybelle (our bunny) run around the house. She was jumping and running in her cage and it seemed like she […]

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Amaryllis time lapse video

Well, I did it! I finished my amaryllis bulb time lapse video. I actually wanted to make the video to show people how awesome bulbs are. It’s not the best video ever but it’s pretty good for my first time lapse attempt! I was taking photos for about 4 days.. Getting the lighting and background […]

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Don't want to be seen while drving? Choose functionality not style.

I normally don’t spend much time worrying about what is going with the Hollywood scene and all that but last night at 3am when I had nothing better to do I checked out because a friend said I should. I saw a youtube video of Brittney Spears and her first emergency room visit of […]

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Finches leave the nest! Happy x-mas eve!

Yesterday I got a photo of two of my baby finches outside of the nest having a good time! My gray one and a cream colored one were hanging out on a perch together testing the waters! I am super excited and surprised that they are flying so early in their development! In other news […]

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